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اريد معرفة معنى (البناء الصوري) في اللغة الانكليزية 

هذا المصطلح يستعمل من قبل طلاب السينما والسينمائين بشكل عام 

كلية الفنون الجميلة 

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Cinematography is the art and science of photographing motion pictures by recording lights, or other types of electromagnetic radiation, by means of digital or chemical sensors by light-sensitive materials. [1]

Typically, it uses a capture lens that focuses light periodically on a light-sensitive surface inside the camera to form multiple images in the so-called film strip. In the case of digital sensors, the lens transmits electrical charges to every pixel that you save electronically in a video file for future use. The emulsion produces a series of latent images that "appear" into visible images. Then, the photos can be viewed by a high-speed device on a screen, to make them look like moving pictures.

Cinematography has many applications in the fields of science, literature, the world of business, leisure and media activities, and curricula
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