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Does كُلِي in arabic always mean "to eat" in the sense like "chew and swallow (food)" or is there also this ambiguity as in english and "to eat" can also mean "to take into the mouth and swallow for nourishment" which include liquid food as well? Or is كُلِي meant for "eating" and clearly differentiated from "drinking"?
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كل or كلي in Arabic means the act of taking something into the mouth and swallowing it. From the beginning to the end. It includes something to chew يمضغ and  to swollow يبلع  it.

It refers only to hard food, not liquid. we have to eat for hard food) يأكل ، and to drink يشرب for liquid (water, soup::). But there is another verb, whicht is used for both, that is يطعم ، derived from طعام which means food in Englsh.

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Thank you very much. This does help me a lot. You made my day! :-)
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