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Arabic (adj.) peoples & races
Arabian (n.) [ more Arabian ; most Arabian ] peoples & races
Arab (n.) [pl. Arabs] peoples & races
saracen (n.) peoples & races
English (adj.) peoples & races
Englishman (n.) peoples & races
dromedary (n.)
جَمَلٌ عَرَبِيّ (ا) وَحِيدُ السّنَام
fils (n.) currencies
non-Arab (n.) peoples & races
non-Arabic (n.) peoples & races
Ibn Arabi {Person.}
ابن عربي {أسم شخص}
Englishman (n.) [pl. Englishmen]
crown (n.) [pl. crowns]
limey (n.) {aeron.}
monkey wrench (n.) [pl. monkey wrenches]
Arab (n.) {zool.}
wrench (n.) [pl. wrenches]

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